1. How can I get practical legal advice on this matter?

    UX Law offer practical legal advice in uncomplicated English that prioritises the commercial considerations for your success. You can schedule a free consultation, or purchase fixed-free advice directly from our website. Our expert commercial lawyers will get in touch, providing fast, responsive turn-around catered exactly to your needs.

  2. What can I do to protect my business?

    Simply put, you need a qualified lawyer by your side. They will have the expertise to navigate, draft and amend all the relevant documents you need in place, and they’ll align the M&A strategy with your goals. Without them, you may go unprotected from unreasonable financial risk, and can even risk the deal falling through.

  3. How does this affect my business?

    M&As are a huge deal financially and operationally; you need to ensure you have the correct strategy and documents ready for when you negotiate the specifics.

  4. Can I do this myself?

    The simple answer is yes – you could register your company yourself through the Australian Government’s Business Registration Service (BRS) or through a number of online providers if you wish. The true answer is that doing this is risky and not advised; even the most seasoned and experienced operators will often be unclear of the best structure required to suit their company’s strategy moving ahead. Realistically, for all startups, it is absolute best-practice to seek legal advice to tailor your company set-up to your needs.

  5. What if the document or advice I need isn’t on the website?

    Not to worry – this website only lists the most common services we provide. Feel free to contact us in order to see if we can help you out with something which isn’t listed here.

  6. What if I need this urgently?

    We pride ourselves on fast turnarounds. If this matter is urgent, please let us know and we will try our best to deliver it within an acceptable timeframe.

  7. Can I speak or meet with a lawyer, and will this cost extra?

    Of course! Our quoted price includes reasonable access to our lawyers by phone, email, or meeting, in accordance with our Fixed Fee Terms.

  8. Is the price a fixed-fee?

    Yes. However, the fixed fee covers the initial draft and one round of amendments, based on your initial instructions. After that, if you still want further amendments or changes to the scope, we charge in accordance with our Fixed Fee Terms.

  9. Are your documents automatically generated?

    No, all of our documents are drafted by human lawyers after careful consideration of your personal circumstances. We are a law firm offering bespoke legal documents and advice, not an automatic document generation service. This means we are liable if something goes wrong (unlike automatic providers).