1. Image to the article "Restraints of trade: what are they and are they actually enforceable?"

    Restraints of trade: what are they and are they actually enforceable?

    10 May 2021

    If you’ve ever signed an employment agreement, you should probably be familiar with the concept of a “Restraint of Trade”, “Restraints of Employment”, “Non-Competition Undertaking” or “Non-Solicitation Clauses” (here “Restraints”). In very basic terms, a Restraint is a contractual promise…

  2. Binding legal contract

    Am I in a binding legal contract?

    30 April 2021

    People tend to think of a contract or legal agreement as a formal, written document which is signed by both parties. In reality, every time you do exchange one valuable thing for another, you’ve just entered into a legal agreement.…

  3. What happens when a contract is broken?

    What happens when a contract is broken?

    24 March 2021

    Failing to comply with a term of the contract is called a breach of contract. Generally, when you breach a term of the contract, the other party will be entitled to: monetary damages; and if the breach is serious enough…

  4. Protect intellectual property

    Intelligent people protect their Intellectual Property

    24 March 2021

    Maybe because it is intangible, as opposed to tangible assets such stock or real estate, people often fail to adequately protect and maximise the value of their intellectual property. However this is a terrible way to undermine the value and…